Collabity | Now Trending: ‘Overwhelming’ IT
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Now Trending: ‘Overwhelming’ IT

I never think of the future, it comes soon enough. — Albert Einstein

With many predictions and trends making the rounds, here is my shot on ‘technology trends in 2015?; what does it mean to be an end user in midst of ‘technology swirl’. Let’s have a look at the top 5 trends that will make 2015 the year of ‘overwhelming’ IT.

#1 – The internet of things (IoT)

Technology embedded everywhere. User-oriented computing and the internet of things will provide an interconnected and user-responsive world, in which machine and users will communicate and ‘work’ together (fall in love…or was that just a movie?).

#2 – Computing here, computing there, computing everywhere

The era of smart-phones is advancing, and smart-phones will start to be used in new contexts with new functions. Business Analytics and Big Data are doing everything to make a case of ‘intelligent computing everywhere’. In contest of BYOD, developers will face new challenges, adapting smart-phones potentials to the customers’ needs.

#3 – Cloud computing

Everything is developing new facets, and cloud computing also is, as well. Imagine a world where you can use applications simultaneously on different devices with effective performance. 2015 will bring wonderful news for cloud computing addicts, and will result in easier and better experience for the users!

#4 – Security

Words like big data analysis and cloud sound obscure and unsettling for some people. But don’t panic: as everything is growing, security will also! And a ‘wholesome security’ approach is being defined in 2015. The recent Sony hacking episode has exposed IT leadership’s lack of interest in tackling security from architecture perspective.

#5 – 3D printing

3D printing, that to some still sounds like sci-fi, is actually growing quickly, and most importantly growing less expensive. In 2015 expect new advances. This will help in the biomedical and industrial sectors, among others, in reducing their costs when producing components. And 3D printing is also a lot of fun!