Collabity | IoT- the debate is just begining
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IoT- the debate is just begining

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.”

Can you hear the buzz?? Are you as excited as I am? For me, it is one of those things which comes along once in a while and keep the excitement up for a while.

A website Barrons has called The Internet of Things (IoT) as ‘the next Industrial Revolution’. A Congressional Committee is already talking about privacy invasion issues. Market research firms are busy counting the ‘devices’ (in billions) to be connected to the internet in 2020 and technology companies are creating conferences, seminars and solutions. In the middle of all this hype, Startups are creating all kinds of smart and connected devices.

So what are we talking about here? Devices or “things” connected to internet. Why we are calling it “connected things”? Well, because they are actual “things” we use everyday! This can range from your smart light bulbs, connected kettles, fitness trackers, thermostats to cognitive machines, robots assisting patients and even connected cars, IoT is moving in a innovative fast lane. Even if contexts, directions and the building blocks are missing at this point, I am not too worried and enjoying the excitement around this mega trend!!!

Let me put some flesh on the bone and quickly talk about few recent innovations-

Intelligent Buildings

A Digital Building Operating System (Di-Boss) is the ‘brain of brains’ for smart and Intelligent buildings. Originally developed as a three way collaboration among Rudin Management Company New York, Columbia University and Selex ES, this software Operating System is the core of ‘intelligent building’ and is deployed within towers owned and managed by Rudin in Manhattan, New York. This has resulted in a significant energy cost saving in the very first year. To put it into context, Rudin has saved a whopping $505,000 during the winter of 2013 by implementing key strategies identified through Di-BOSS at 345 Park Avenue.

Connected Pedals

This month, a French startup aptly named ‘ConnectedCycle’ revealed a prototype in CES, calling it “the first ever connected pedal” which has a built-in global positioning systems (GPS) that could prevent bicycles being stolen. It is an innovative idea where a pedal from a bicycle is able to notify the owner if it has been moved. This is in addition to the user being able to keep track of pedaling turns, how many calories they have burnt and the list goes on!

Digital Drugs

I have yet to think of a more appropriate term for Thynk’s mood changing wearable device but it in one word… awesome. This is nothing short of breakthrough technology which utilizes neuro-signaling to calm your mind. You use ‘connected straps’ which communicate to an app on your smartphone. Coming from an award winning startup Thynk, it’s the tech world’s answer to strong coffee or a sleeping pill.

What are your top three IoT devices or innovations for 2015?

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