Collabity | Collaboration means Innovation
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Collaboration means Innovation

” I’d collaborate with my clones, because I’m a team player who wants all the credit.” – Jarod Kintz

What is the contextual difference when a business line owner talks about collaboration and when vendors like Cisco, Google, Huddle or Jive talk about it? It is simple: the former is looking for ways to be more productive, efficient and be innovative whereas latter are bringing the tools to assist in this.

In general, collaboration sounds like a swell plan and it’s something that we all know is good to do in principle. But it is definitely easier said than done. After all, couldn’t you save a lot more time and money if you just did the project yourself?

By implementing collaboration tools such as HD telephony, Video or Web conferencing, Enterprise chatting, White-boarding, Mobility will help achieve improved productivity and efficiency throughout your business, and create a culture of ‘innovation’.

Collaboration tools help create an environment which is filled with curiosity and enthusiasm, risk taking, independent thinking and outwards looking; some key components to innovate

These tools allow you to connect, communicate, consult, manage, and hold accountable skilled labor while accessing the best minds, experiences, and skills

Help employees make faster, more informed business decisions by providing them with real-time access to information, people and resources: like creating a constant presence to your customer.

Establish smoother and more efficient business processes that empower employees to focus on generating additional sales or revenue rather than handling repetitive, internal processes.

Collaboration is key to developing trusted relationships with the customer and giving them and your team a positive working environment which breeds innovation. While deciding on collaboration tools isn’t necessarily easy, it can, over time, get your firm to a much more interesting position to innovate.