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Technology FastForward


Collabity Solutions is a startup based in New Jersey currently focused in the tri-state area. We are a 'Professional Services Only' organization addressing two common business pain areas: Collaboration and Information Technologies.


Collabity is a digital integrator, a next generation agency, that partners with businesses to improve customer engagement and drive growth. We support advanced technologies such as Big Data, Internet of Things, Security, Next Gen Data Centers, Cloud Computing etcetera


Our co-founder promote the idea of 'ownership' where each consultant (or as we refer to them, Associates) bring innovative and creative design, deep technology expertise though leadership and business relevant solutions to every partnership.


We love technology but when more people have cell phones than access to clean water we need to work together to make a change. We are on a mission to connect the world. Our success is being built on thought leadership, agile service delivery and passion for change. Join us!

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What’s Our Purpose?

Driven by Values

“Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves — to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterday by our today. – Stewart B Johnson”

Collabity is committed to fueling digital transformation for our clients, but we also believe it is our responsibility to touch people’s lives by simplifying the technology. Driven by our five Core Values, we are elevating IT to focus on Business empowerment. We are creating values which bring intensity, meaning and personal touch to whatever we do.


Join the intelligent gatherings


Our Associates are on a continuous path of learning. Do you enjoy ‘non stop learning’? If you have any of the following traits, contact us to see how we can create a profitable partnership:


– You think there is a skill erosion in the current Market!
– ‘9 to 5’ is not how you think of work!
– Interested in increasing your personal network!
– Want a taste of ‘sales’ & persuading people with your ideas!
– Active learner!

What’s In It For You?

Enhanced Experience


As a Client, you are the center of our Strategy. The experience we provide will be about you and your business challenges. It’s about your growth and enhanced productivity revolving around technology. We are not a technology company but a service company using technology to help you.
We understand

How essential technology is for business!

We are competitive

Every job is a ‘Project’ for us, big or small!

We are readily available

we believe in speed!

We are constantly growing

welcoming, learning and contributing!

We encourage Innovation

simplify, simplify, repeat!

Are you ready for an evening of insightful conversation? Join us!

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Contact Us to find out how to become an associate at Collabity Solutions